viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

Welcome to our Blog "Be English my Friend!" 

We would like you to watch and enjoy this video about Bruce Lee's philosophy of life, as he has been our inspiration for this English blog! and Be English my Friend!

Bruce Lee's Quiz! 

0. Tick the true sentences about Bruce Lee's life and check!

     (There are 4 sentences true and 3 false).

                                                       Bruce Lee was part German.

                                                       Bruce Lee wasn't an excellent dancer.

                                                       Bruce Lee was a good student.

                                                       Bruce Lee won Chuck Norris.

                                                       Bruce Lee acted in 26 films.

                                                       Bruce Lee's last film was "Way of the dragon".

                                                       Bruce Lee never lost a fight.


Unit  3:   Ready, set, go!

What are you going to learn in this unit?

This unit is related to sports and we hope you enjoy it and learn

 as much as possible! 

Essential goals: 

                                    - Vocabulary: Sports and Prepositions (in/on/at) with time.

                                    - Grammar: Present simple negative & interrogative. Question words.

                                    - Pronunciation: Intonation in questions.

                                    - Communication: Practicing sports.

                                    - Reading and Writing: Sport Stars! Olympic Games.

1. Select the correct word in each picture and check!